Bearbuy ordering directions

(click on screenshots for details) 

Go to the BearBuy website (use this link or you can find it by going to, clicking on "Finance" and then clicking on "BearBuy (Full Suite 2012)" under "Job Tools". 


1. If your vendor is in BearBuy click on their name, fill up your cart and skip the next step. Otherwise click on the Non-Catalog Form button near the bottom of the page. 


For Non-Catalog puchases- 

1. Type in the Supplier Name. If it isn't found in the system, type in "Supplier Not Found". 

1a. If "Supplier Not Found", enter information for the supplier. Do the best you can - the BearBuy people will just need something to let them enter a new vendor into the system. 

2. Enter your first item. Only the "Expense Information", "Quantity", and "Estimated Unit Price" are needed. 

3. Click on "Go" in the upper right next to "Add and go to cart". 


Go back to your BearBuy page in the main browser window (usually the Non-Catalog form opens in a pop-up). 

1. If you need to add more items click on "Add non-catalog item from this supplier". 

2. Click on "View Cart Details". 


1. Go to the "Accounting codes" section. Under "Speedtype" click "Select from profile values" and choose your fund. We've mostly been using the NSF fund "PHMHNSFINT". For anything being at all integrated into an apparatus put in 54231 under the account number which says this is a piece of fabricated equipment. If you don't have a speedtype but instead have a whole chartstring, make sure to "Select from profile values" under "Speedtype" and select "none". That will free you up to input the chart string details (see the anatomy described below). 

2. Go to the Asset Management section. Put in the "Fabrication number" associated with the fund (see table below). For the NSF fund this is 0010223. Make up a number for the "MFG model number". 

3. Add an attachment in both the "Internal Notes and Attachments" and "External Notes and Attachments" with your quote or a screenshot of your shopping cart.1

4. If the total cost is under your purchasing limit (see table below) click on submit, otherwise assign to someone with the proper purchasing limit. 

Note, if you have no speedtypes in your profile, or any of the shipping and billing information fields aren't filled out, you probably aren't in the system as being a member of the Müller group. Contact Katalin Markus ( to update your profile. 

Important Addresses:

Billing Address 

UC Berkeley Billing department
University of California at Berkeley
University Hall Rm 30
Berkeley, CA 94720-7300 

Shipping Address 

Attention: Your Name Here
151 LeConte Hall MC7300
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720 

People who are authorized to place orders:

Postdocs $3000
Graduate students $1500

Chart strings:

Fab# Project Title Source Period String
0010142 NIST: Large-Area Atom Interferometers for Fundamental Precision Measurements NIST 10/01/09 - 09/30/12 (1-29898-13059-44- - -PHHMU)
0010185 MRI: Development of Zernike Phase Contrast for Biological Electron Microscopy NSF 09/01/10 - 08/31/14 (1-30352-13059-44--PHHMU)
Research Gift Admin. 1-56975-13059-44--PHHMU
Research fund Overhead return Campus Indefinite 1-69749-13059-40-3SPHMU-PHHMU
Start up Campus 1-75025-13059-40-3SPHMU-PHHMU
Precision Experiments at the Quantum-Gravity Threshold Packard Foundation 10/09/09 - 10/08/14 (1-93680-13059-44--PHHMU)
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowships Sloan Foundation 09/15/10 - 09/15/12 1-93834-13059-44--PHHMU
0010273 Cavity-based atomic rotation and acceleration sensor DARPA Young Investigator Award 7/1/12-7/1/14 1-31471-13059-44--PHHMU
Israel? 1-85200-13059-44--PHHMU

Use funds below this line for travel and supplies (as of 8/11/2015)

Fab# Project Title Source Period String
0010223 CAREER: Atom Interferometry Experiment in Fundamental Physics NSF 07/15/11 - 06/30/16 1-30783-13059-44--PHHMU

Anatomy of a chart string:

Fund Org Prog Sub Project Flex
29898 13059 44 ----- ----- PHHMU




For large orders request a quote to get the volume discount (see below). To do this prepare your shopping cart and click "Request Quote". Formally, this quote with be processed within 24 hours. The Sales Manager (Billie Jo) at Thorlabs also recommends the following: 

1. Use the word URGENT in the "Comments" section and they will expedite the processing. 

2. Request the "Volume Discount" and it will be applied in your quote. 

Expert Thorlabs shoppers should politely inquire about any available "free promotional items". 

Volume discount *if requested* 

Dollar Amount Exceeds 


2k USD 


3k USD 


4k USD 


5k USD 


7.5k USD 


10k USD 


15k USD 


The details on this discount are: 

  • *The volume discount will be applied to the list price of Thorlabs manufactured products. The discount does not apply to specials, custom orders, some items deemed non-discountable by Thorlabs [such as optical tables& support legs / isolators, components, X-good surplus and items already priced at promotional prices. The discount does not apply to Thorlabs Imaging Products including, but not limited to; Optical Coherence Tomography / OCT Systems, Adaptive Optics / Deformable Mirrors& AO Kit, Confocal Microscopy Systems, Two Photon Microscopy Systems, Thorlabs Multi-well Plate Imaging Systems, Optical Trapping Kit& Optical Trapping Kit w/Galvo Steering Module, etc. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, if there is an active promotion at the time of your purchase, the higher discount will apply. 

**It may be best to bulk your orders to receive the largest applicable discount as orders under the $2,000.00 level will not be eligible for discounting. All items quoted at a specific discount level must be represented with the identical items and quantities in the purchase order/sales order to validate the discount. 


Newport/New Focus

UC Berkeley has an 4% discount on most items at New Focus. Use account number 1007585 in the comments section of your PO request. This discount will be applied when you order. At the present time, there is NO new experiment or lab discount. These are quarterly promotions, so please keep an eye out for these opportunities. 


Edmund Optics/Melles Griot

Discounts available through the marketing part of the website. As of January 2013, you have to sign up for a code to get a 5% discount off all orders or 10% discount on orders $1000 or more. The code arrives in your email within 30 seconds of signing up. Enter the Promo Code in the shopping cart and use the screenshot at your attachment in BearBuy


Purchase Reimbursements

You used to be able to get reimbursed in cash from Stephen Raffel ( for purchases under $25, but the rules have since changed. Keep your receipt and scan it or take a nice photograph. Follow the instructions below:

  1. From the BearBuy home page, scroll to the bottom and click on "Payment Request Form" under "Frequently Used Forms." 
  2. Enter "Supplier Not Found" as the supplier, and then enter your Cal ID number in the appropriate box below.
  3. Under "Item" you can just enter a brief description of what was bought, and then enter the entire amount you paid, including shipping & tax, under "Unit Price," and a quantity of 1.
  4. From the "Activity Type" drop-down menu, select "Reimbursement (Non T&E)."
  5. Attach your receipt with the "Add Attachments" button.
  6. Click "Go" at the top for "Add and go to Cart," then "View Cart Details," and enter the chartstring under "Accounting Codes," and then "Assign" up at the top. Enter your PI's or manager's name and assign the cart to that person.

Travel reimbursement

If you've skipped the Connexxus route for booking flights and hotels, you may get reimbursed for travel expenses charged to your personal card. You can also get reimbursed only for food expenses during travel in the following way. During travel, make sure to keep your receipts (especially those over $75 for a single transaction since you'll need to prove such purchases) so you can tally them up.

If you travelled within the US, Begin by filling out the Domestic Travel Reimbursement Claim Form. That form links to an instructions page. For each type of reimbursement sought (e.g. airfare, lodging, food, etc.), check the corresponding gray bar and detail the relevant expenses below with dates, locations, and total expense in the correct column. Be warned that each section each permits only something like 15 items before saturation. As a result, you may want to employ some tricks; for instance, if you bought morning coffee at the same Starbucks for 3 mornings in a row, just pick a single date and include the total coffee expense in the "breakfast" field under "Daily Expenses". Conference registration fees may be filed as an "incidental" expense under the "Daily Expenses" category. Note that we may be reimbursed by up to $71 per day, but you are discouraged from spending this much (i.e. it's not supposed to treated as a per diem where you get the money regardless of how much you spend). After filling out all expenses, include the fund information to be charged, print your name as the "traveler" under the "Certification" section (you may skip the Authorizer's and Exceptional signatures), and print the form. After printing the form, sign the form electronically and print the signed form to file. If you prefer to submit a hard copy of your forms, contact CSS Support. Once you've signed your form with all expenses detailed, combine your signed form with receipts for all expenses over $75 (hotels, airfare, registration, etc.) into a single master PDF. Make sure to redact all sensitive information from your master PDF (full credit card - but leave appearances of the last 4 digits, social security number, home address, etc.) by blacking those out with boxes in a PDF editor.

Sign in to BearBuy. By default, you're likely taken to "Shopping Home". Find that text, click on it to drop down a menu, and select "View Forms". Select "Campus Shared Services" and hit "View Form". The form will pop up in a separate window. Fill out your contact information, select "Travel Reimbursement" from the drop-down menu, write a blurb about your trip under "Expense Information", leave the estimated amount as $1.00, and finally attach your master PDF with all receipts for expenses over $75 and the reimbursement form you just filled out and signed under "Internal Attachments". Scroll back to the top, select "Add and go to cart" beside "Available Actions", and hit "Go". The BearBuy window you opened before launching the form will have loaded a cart. As usual, click "View Cart Details", add the fund information, click "Submit", and your reimbursement should be submitted!