Principal Investigator


Holger Müller

hm [at)

Awarded his first patent at the age of 14, Holger continues his inventive spirit as a physicist applying matter-wave interferometry to fundamental and exotic physics. 


Richard Parker

rhparker [at)

I did graduate work at the University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory, completing the first electric dipole moment (EDM) measurements of 225Ra. I currently work on another precision measurement project group at Berkeley, measuring the fine structure constant. My interests include history, hiking, and travel.

Xuejian Wu

xuejianw [at)

I am a postdoc in Prof. Müller's group and I am currently working on a transportable, multi-axis atom interferometer. I received my PhD from Tsinghua University in January 2015.

Philipp Haslinger

haslinger [at)

I am interested in a variety of topics: tests of Lorentz invariance, quantum decoherence, quantum linearity, tests, beam methods, as well as cooling and trapping and quantum optics with atoms, biomolecules, and nanoparticles.

Osip Schwartz

osip.schwartz [at)

I am working on phase contrast electron microscopy, a project combining laser-controlled matter interference and electron microscopy for imaging of biological macromolecules. In my PhD in the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, I worked on quantum imaging and super-resolution optical microscopy.


Eric Copenhaver

eric.copenhaver [at)

I am motivated to apply the rich toolkit of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical physics to a breadth of problems in metrology, technology, and fundamental physics. While I love olympic lifting and my fiancée, my primary life aspiration is to make it big with Holger as the lead singer and guitarist in a band called the Phrygicists.


Kayleigh Cassella

kcassell [at)

After studying physics and chemistry at Indiana University South Bend, I came to Berkeley to further pursue my interest in fundamental physics. I enjoy reading, yoga, and (of course!) spending time with my husband and three children.  

Matt Jaffe

mjaffe [at)

I did my undergrad at Penn State, where my addictions to physics and ultimate frisbee ate the rest of my life. Outside of the lab, I play for the San Jose Spiders and Mischief. I work on the cavity interferometer, and like orange juice.

Chenghui Yu

I'm a Berkeley PhD student from China. I finished my college in 2012 at Tsinghua University, Beijing. I'm so attracted by the great science people are doing in Holger's lab with just tabletop experiments. I'm currently working on the fountain experiment measuring the fine structure constant. Though the experiment is hard, it's an exciting experience to explore new things that no one has ever tried.

Brian Estey

estey [at)

Enjoys calculating the surface area of balloon animals and dislikes pants. Some say he doesn't actually exist.

Weicheng Zhong

zhongw [at)

I received my Bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2014. Outside of lab, I am a big fan of Manga and dumplings.




Victoria Xu

vxu [at)

Vicky is a Bay Area native who received her B.S. from UCSB before coming to Berkeley for graduate school. She works on the cavity interferometer, where most recently she has been using atomic physics to explore theories of dark energy. 

Jordan Dudley

jdudley [at)

While studying physics and mathematics at CSU East Bay, I joined an atomic physics experiment. As a result, I have become very excited about using this type of experiment to test fundamental physics, especially gravitational effects. I also enjoy backpacking and live music.

Jeremy Axelrod

jaxelrod [at)

I received my B.S. in Engineering Physics at UC Berkeley before continuing at Berkeley as a Physics graduate student. I like atomic, molecular, and optical physics because it is broadly applicable to the development of both practical techniques and fundamental science. I work on the phase contrast electron microscopy project. Outside of lab I enjoy aviation, hiking, skiing, photography, and the hallway.


Ryan Bilotta

rbilotta [at)

I'm an undergraduate student working on the minig project. I am working towards a double major in Physics and Mathematics. I plan to pursue graduate level studies in theoretical physics; outside of the lab and school, I enjoy tennis, running, and reading.






Randy Putnam

ranpjr [at)

I am an undergraduate finishing my physics degree. I have been working
on a number of projects including a quartz oscillator to measure
Lorentz invariance, building a spectroscopy set-up for the fountain,
and programming a Red Pitaya for a couple of applications to be used
on the cavity experiment. This summer I will be starting graduate
school in physics at UCLA! I like playing chess, hiking, going to the
beach, and riding my bike no handed.



Jiafeng Cui

laugh007smile [at)

I am a PhD student from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China where I worked on an atom gravimeter project. I came to Berkeley to measure the fine structure constant α. I enjoy doing research using both electronics and atom interferometry, and also windsurfing. :) 




Fei Zi

zifeizjuphd [at)

I am a PhD student from Zhejiang University in China, where I worked on an atom interferometer project. I am so impressed by the cutting-edge research in Holger’s group to discover new physics and am currently working on a portable, multi-axis atom interferometer here. Outside of lab, I like playing er’hu, all kinds of music and table tennis. 

Former Members

Pei-Chen Kuan, Postdoc at Nanyang Technologival University in Singapore: thelm2005 [at)

Paul Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA, USA: paul.hamilton [at)

Michael Hohensee, Staff Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA, USA: mhohensee [at)

Geena Kim, Internet of Things Consultant in Berkeley, CA, USA: libphy [at) 

Justin Brown, Scientist at Physical Sciences, Inc. in Andover, MA, USA: jbrown [at) 

Chen Lai, Masters student at UCSD in San Diego, CA, USA: clchenlai [at)

Shau-Yu Lan, Assistant Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore: SYLan [at)

Michelle Xu, Distributed Systems Engineer at Intel in Santa Clara, CA, USA: Twitter handle [at)michelleycxu

Biswaroop Mukherjee, Graduate Student at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA: roop [at)

Francisco Monsalve, Faculty at Berkeley City College in Berkeley, CA, USA: fmonsalve [at)

Loïc Anderegg, Graduate Student at Harvard in Cambridge, MA, USA: anderegg [at)

Tatyana Gavrilchenko, Graduate Student at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, USA: tgavrilchenko [at)

Yanying Feng, Associate Professor of Precision Instruments at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China: yenifeng [at)

Dennis Schlippert, Postdoc at University of Hannover in Hannover, Germany: schlippert [at)

Daniel Tiarks, Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Munich, Germany: daniel.tiarks [at)

Rachel Houtz, Graduate Student at UC Davis in Davis, CA, USA: rahoutz [at)

Cheong Chan, Graduate Student at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, USA: cchan42 [at)

Lizbeth Cazarez, Training Developer at General Atomics Aeornautical Systems in Poway, CA, USA: lizbeth.cazarez [at)

Markus Krutzik, Group Leader at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany: markus.krutzik [at)

Erin Sohr, Graduate Student at Maryland in College Park, MD, USA: esohr [at)

Lothar Maisenbacher, Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Munich, Germany: lothar.maisenbacher [at)

Anqi Wang, Graduate Student at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China: waqyhm [at)

Quinn Simmons: ethanqsimmons [at)

Simon Budker: sbudker [at)


Anqi Wang

waqyhm [at)

I am a master student from Tsinghua University in China, working on Raman optics for the continuous cold atomic beam interferometer. I came to Holger’s lab in the 2016 summer to learn frequency-offset locking methods. I like various kinds of sports, especially playing badminton, running and swimming.