Minig: a compact multi-axis atom interferometer

Gravimeters using atom interferometry have been successfully applied for metrology, geology, mineral exploration, and other applications. Miniature atom interferometers with the ability of multi-axis sensing would open up applications in inertial navigation, such as aviation, robotic aircraft, and other emerging technologies. However, state-of-the-art atom interferometers are too complicated to operate in a miniature package.

We are developing an extremely simple, compact atom interferometer that will sense a full inertial base with 3 axes of accelerations and 3 axes of rotations. With a simple and rugged design and low power consumption, it will be able to transport our minig from the well-controlled laboratory to real world applications.

Team members

Xuejian Wu

Jordan Dubley

Philip Canoza

Past Team menbers

Fei Zi

Ryan J. Bilotta


  1. Multiaxis atom interferometry with a single diode laser. Xuejian Wu, Fei Zi, Jordan Dudley, Ryan J. Bilotta, Philip Canoza, and Holger Müller, arXiv:1707.08693.